AI Chatbots: How They Help in SEO Ranking?

Published on May 10, 2021

Are you looking for ways on how to improve your SEO ranking? I bet! That’s why you are here.

Keywords research– dude, that’s ancient!

Backlinks– tried that already.

Landing pages? Absolutely, done!

What else can you think?

AI Chatbots.

Wait, what?!

AI Chatbots and SEO ranking– do these words make any sense? They don’t seem to complement each other. They sound like pineapples on pizza.

But, wait. Pineapples on pizza are great. If you don’t agree, I will convince you!

Does this mean chatbots are the perfect topping for SEO ranking?

Will chatbots make your website enticing, or will it only hurt your web visitors?

You know AI Chatbots, right?

Have you seen those popping chats whenever you visit a website? Those are chatbots. Chatbots are virtual agents powered by Artificial Intelligence. They automate and handle conversations between web visitors.

The same with human agents, they can understand what the customers are requesting. Their processing and learning help them respond accordingly, optimising customer interaction. Thus, most websites use chatbots to reserve their employees from more critical tasks.

The way chatbots automate and answer customers stimulated a debate. Are they replacing human employees? No, they are not. In fact, they are helping employees from the grunt work.

While your human resource does the essential tasks, chatbots make your customers feel close to your brand.

But, how will this relate to SEO ranking?

Relationship between Chatbots and SEO Ranking

Until now, no one can decode the exact parameters of the Google algorithm. But, it is possible to know some of the criteria the will help your website rank better.

In general, Google will give benefits to web pages that are user-centric. User-centric websites provide the best possible experience to their web visitors.

How do you know your website is user-centric and provides the best user experience?

  • Faster loading time
  • Ease of use and navigation
  • Low bounce rate
  • Longer dwelling time
  • Provides relevant content
  • Uses readable fonts

These are some of the indicators of a good SEO rank. But, Google is still responsible for changing its algorithm a thousand times a year! What’s baffling is Google only lets us know when it’s a major update, they don’t tell us the tiny details.

Small things turn into big results, right?

Anyway, let’s not sulk into that. What’s certain is you need to provide the best user experience to your visitors.

So, how do chatbots help in catering the best experience and giving a higher SEO rank?

How do Chatbots Help in SEO Ranking?

Now that we have talked about what chatbots are and how Google ranks websites. We’re about to unfold the relationship between chatbots and SEO ranking.

1. Increase Dwelling Time on Webpage

The time a web visitor spends on a landing page matters to SEO ranking. That’s what you call dwelling time. Meanwhile, if your visitors leave the page more often, it’s called bounce rate. Bounce rate also affects your SEO ranking.

Google knows how long a web visitor stays on your website. The more they stay, the better, it means they found what they are searching for. If Google thinks you provide relevant information, it gives you a higher SEO ranking.

A higher SEO rank equates that you are an excellent company with a quality website.

Aside from perfectly designing your website structure, an advanced chatbot is helpful. Users will take time to engage with the chatbot while browsing through your website. Chatbots provide a seamless transaction and a user-friendly website experience.

Make your web visitors stay longer with a chatbot.

2. Receive Better Ratings and Feedback

Before up until now, businesses rely on customer feedback. It will make or break their growth. Before, business feedback was on word of mouth. Your customers will talk about how good your products or services are. That’s how you make more customers.

But, now everything is accessible. Your potential customers are one click away to check your reviews and feedback. Businesses value customer reviews. A high SEO rank isn’t worth anything if you have bad reviews. Thus, you have to do anything to keep your positive ratings– and chatbots can help with that.

Sometimes, your services may fall short or the client took home a defective product. Although these situations are preventable, they may still happen. Having a chatbot will lift some of the burdens. Customers can instantly ask for assistance for product returns or troubleshoot. Make answers available to prevent them from finding answers elsewhere.

A quick response from customer services gives assurance to potential and current customers. It will show your future customers that you are reliable.

3. Collects Data for Lead Generation

Chatbots do not only answer and ask questions to your customers. They are powerful in collecting information and analysing the purchase behaviour of customers. With the collected data, they can suggest personalised orders. It helps customer finalise their purchases without leaving the website.

If the customer chooses to leave without acquisition, chatbots will reach out. They contact leads to remind customers of their abandoned cart or wish list.

It’s vital to have chatbots generating and converting leads.

4. 24-Hour Access to Customer Service

All companies want to offer 24/7 services to their customers. But, a 24-hour customer service agent is pretty expensive. You have to train the agents, provide benefits and wages, and give them office space. Chatbots help you provide 24/7 accessible customer service.

Chatbots are always available to answer questions and close deals like human agents. It will keep people longer on your website and invite them to visit again, which boosts your SEO ranking.

If you keep a business website, it goes global. Thus, a chatbot will ensure you are available to every customer even in different time zones.

5. Builds Trust and Credibility

Most web visitors hesitate on using chatbots because they are robots. Well, they really are robots. But, you can personalise them.

Every brand has a personality. People know your brand based on its personality or reputation. Thus, your chatbots should have a character that matches your brand reputation. Show your customers that your chatbots are credible and trustworthy.

Chatbots build reliable customer service interactions which help boost brand credibility. You can have your company logo in every chat to instill trust and credibility.

Final Thoughts

The debate is over. Just how pineapples add flavor to pizza, chatbots add credibility to your website. Indeed, chatbots are great in helping your website’s SEO ranking. But, you have to maximise its function to have the best benefits to your SEO, right?

Let’s summarise the key components in maximising the use of your chatbots:

  • Improves the services you provide
  • Provides 24/7 accessible customer service
  • Personalized chatbot

Aside from these key components, ensure that you ticked all the “hows” in how chatbots help SEO ranking. Again, your chatbot will help improve your SEO ranking, only if you utilised it well.


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