7 Easy Steps to Gain Twitter Followers

Published on September 11, 2021

Have you ever thought of gaining 10,000 followers on Twitter without following other people or spending a bunch of money on ads?

What if I told you this is possible?

Twitter is among the top social media platforms today. It has over 190 million daily active users making it the secret ingredient to reach a wider audience possible.

Before we get into details, let’s talk about why it is essential to want more Twitter followers.

Why are Twitter Followers Important?

Although Facebook is the biggest social media network that has the most monthly active users, you should not underestimate the power of Twitter.

It is a global powerhouse because of its international users. That means, if you have Twitter and connect to more followers, you connect with a worldwide audience.

Other than that, from a marketing perspective, the millennial and gen Z audience is the most wanted generation that is on Twitter. Why are they the most coveted age group? It is because 42% of Twitter users are between these ages.

Not only that, millennials frequently use social media as a platform to discover new brands. That’s why companies are the ideal target demographic because they make up a vast market.

However, when you post on Twitter, your tweets are only seen by your followers or whenever someone who follows you shares your tweet. It means you need to have several followers for people to see your content.

So, how can you gain more followers on Twitter?

7 Steps to Gain More Twitter Followers

1. Optimise Twitter Profile

2. Tweet Frequently, Post Visual Content

3. Use Hashtag

4. Engage with Followers

Gaining followers on Twitter or any social media platform is not a matter of time. It is making most of the time you spend on the platform.

Although you can automise and schedule your tweets to optimise engagement, you have to be careful. You do not want your Twitter account to look like a bot. Thus, you have to engage with your followers regularly. You can tag, retweet, or reply immediately.

If you are new to Twitter, you can reply to another brand’s tweet to get their attention. Make your reply more detailed and thoughtful. It has more potential to score more followers than a brief one-word reply.

Another wise method of getting the attention of other brands is through a shout out. Tagging a brand to compliment them is a popular technique. Show some love to others in your industry. Who knows? They might also give you a shoutout as well.

Nonetheless, it only takes a few seconds to retweet your fans and followers. Doing this will introduce you to new ones.

Content strategy added with these few simple gestures will contribute to the bigger picture of gaining more followers. Any combination of replying, tagging, or retweeting only takes a few hours.

5. Create Twitter Routines to Stay Active

It is crucial to stay active on Twitter if you want to gain more followers. It is not enough to post only once a day or few times a week as you do on Facebook. On Twitter, you have to do it frequently to avoid losing followers.

Experts recommend about 15 tweets daily, and it includes quotes and retweets of curated content. However, you do not have 24-hours a day to create engaging tweets. That’s why you need to create a routine.

It is best to create a daily, weekly, and monthly routine on Twitter. You can even automate or schedule your posts.

Daily Twitter routine should include following and unfollowing users, replying to mentions or direct messages, and responding to replies on your tweets. Meanwhile, the weekly and monthly routines should focus on long-term aspects of marketing strategy.

Aside from creating routines, you should know that the time of day you post on Twitter matters. If you post on the time your followers are not online, those tweets won’t be seen. Thus, it is best to know the best practices of Twitter.

6. Ensure to Tweet Relevant Content

Like in any other platform and marketing, high-quality content brings greater success. Twitter is a large social media platform, tweeting relevant content stands out from the crowd.

Relevant and relatable tweets get favorites, retweets, and even new followers. However, bad tweets don’t retract any attention. Users prefer informative or educational content with a mix of wit and creativity.

You can post tweets with infographics, how-to articles, or cover current events. Some add some fun to their tweets by including funny videos, gifs, or memes. Meanwhile, some share inspirational content on Twitter.

Do not forget to tweet interactive or promotional content. These types of content represent particular perspectives also.

Let people find value in your tweet to gain more engagement. More so, that’s the reason why knowing your audience is important. You gain insights on what type of content they find valuable. Thus, you can personalise your content accordingly.

7. Choose the Right Tweet to Pin on Your Profile

The pinned tweet is a recent feature of Twitter. When you pin a tweet, you want everyone who visits your Twitter profile to notice it. That’s why you should pin a tweet that calls the attention of your profile visitors.

What are the grounds for choosing the right tweet to pin on your profile? Most Twitter marketers and influencers have three approaches in choosing which tweet to pin.

Some choose to pin their tweet that has the most engagement. New tweets will push down further your old most-engaged tweet. That’s why it is best to pin it. No matter how long you have posted it, your new followers will still see your best or most engaged tweets. Moreover, if the tweet has gained a lot of attention, your new profile visitors will most likely like, reply, and share your pinned tweet.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users temporarily pin a tweet highlighting brand promotions or an upcoming event of their company. When the promotion or event is over, simply unpin the tweet and pin a new one.

Another approach is to pick a tweet that promotes your brand and pin it. You can tweet an interview or any positive feedback about your products or services. Pinning these kinds of tweets gives your new profile visitors a new impression.

Final Advice

Twitter is a global social media platform with millions of active users. It has the same significance for racking up audiences on Instagram and Facebook.

Optimise your Twitter profile. Use a high-quality profile picture, header image, and bio. These are the first things people will see when they visit or come across your Twitter profile. Engage with your followers by responding to comments, mentions, direct messages, and live chats.

Create a routine or schedule when to post. If you have a relevant tweet for ongoing promotions or upcoming events, do not forget to pin it. Lastly, do not forget to put your Twitter profile on your other social media profiles.

Gaining more Twitter followers does not happen over time. You have to diligently and regularly tweet a variety of helpful and relevant content. If you follow these steps, your best bet is to get the most clicks, retweets, and followers.

Which one is your Twitter follower growth hack?


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