Seasonal Marketing Tip: Make Creative Seasonal Landing Page

Published on December 6, 2021

Holidays are never-ending. As we orbit around the sun, season changes. That’s why holidays and special occasions are always right around the corner.

People anticipate something as the holidays approach. Let’s say when Black Friday is around the corner, people anticipate deals and buy for their personal needs. While during the Christmas season, people are looking for the best deals to gift for their friends and loved ones. That’s why your marketing strategy should be according to the holiday.

Ensure that your landing pages are targeted towards the holiday. It serves as your first impression for your website visitors. Make a positive impression on your target audience to drive more conversions.

A few tweaks on your web design, graphics, and text context brings great sales potential. If you are having a hard time making creative seasonal landing pages, here are a few seasonal marketing tips just for you.

Have a Sense of Urgency

If you have paid ad campaigns that constantly remind your target consumers about your events, year-end deals, and countdown promotions, there’s an absolute need to do the same with your landing page.

You have to be time-sensitive with your seasonal landing pages.

Some websites tweak their landing pages and campaign ads with holiday-themed text and graphics. Meanwhile, some reinforce an urgent call-to-action on their landing page. You can observe some retailers place countdown timers for their promotions. It emphasizes that the deals are time-limited. Thus, giving them a sense of urgency signals that they must grab the opportunity before losing their chance.

Do not forget to display the banners on your landing page where the web visitors can easily see them.

Give Spirit with Popping Hues

Show off the holiday vibe; give spirit and life to your website by using a pop of colors. You can even add graphic content that is relatable to the holiday. Modifying your website design and content makes web visitors feel like the holidays. Your visual scheme should make web visitors excite and look forward to something.

Ensure that the images and colors complement your website design. Do not go overboard with the design.

Sales and Holiday Offers Should Be Noticeable

You should make your holiday offers and sales noticeable. Do not make your customers search for a sale or deal on your website.

Ensure that your promotions and events are displayed in front and center. Make it noticeable for your website visitors. Do not forget to place a call-to-action and product link on your landing page; it increases sales.

Make Customers Convert

Your landing page should present a clear purchasing path. More so, ensure your website is optimised with any screens to make it easy for your customers to purchase even on a mobile device.

Expect fewer abandoned carts and more sales if your customers experience a more straightforward conversion and purchase path.

Several websites have an add button that directly adds the product to the cart. You can also make it easier by having a sidebar that displays what’s inside the shopping cart. Encourage a seamless purchase process to make your customers convert.

Mobile Optimisation

The majority of digital consumers use their mobile phones to search and visit websites. That’s why it is essential to optimise your website and make it compatible with all screens. Here are some tips on how to optimise your landing page for mobile:

  • Ensure that the call-to-action (CTA) buttons are large enough for your web visitors to notice.
  • You have to format the holiday banners and make them compatible with mobile devices. Ensure that the text on the banner is readable on mobile.
  • Do not overload mobile landing pages with text.
  • Keep the number of touches minimal. Ensure that when your customers check out a product, it only takes a few taps to checkout.

If you have seasonal landing pages that are not yet optimised for mobile, you lose a great opportunity.

Enable Social Sharing

Recently, social media has been an excellent medium for digital marketing. Do not forget about social media integration.

When creating a landing page, do not forget to enable the social media sharing options. Holiday shoppers are interested in deals, discounts, gift bundles, or even gift guide content. Integrating a share button allows your target audience to promote for you.

Make your holiday content easier to spread. Remember, your target audience influences their friends and followers. Who knows, their friends might take an interest in your products and services too?

Ready Your Calendar

Holidays are always around the corner; it’s only a matter of time. If your strategic calendar is not ready, you will miss many great opportunities for your business. We hope you prepared your seasonal marketing strategies for this year. If you did, evaluate how you made an impact on this year’s seasons. Analyse the performance and make adjustments according to the results.


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