SEO Advantages of SSL Certificate: Boost Organic Ranking

Published on February 2, 2022

You already know the importance of an SSL Certificate to your website, but do you know the SEO Advantages of SSL Certificate?

Let’s get this straight— this is not the only algorithm factor Google considers for search ranking. Google considers more than 200 different factors! But, it belongs to the most crucial factor, website security.

Search engines like Google are pretty intuitive when it comes to the safety and security of their users. Even though your website has a few ranking factors, Google rewards those secure and safeguarded websites first. So how can you have these SEO advantages? Installing an SSL Certificate will help you boost your website organic traffic.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Let’s keep this brief.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer; from its name itself, it adds an extra layer of security to the website. It protects the data and information exchanged on your website from cyber anomalies.

Google has mandated SSL Certificates to websites. Websites without an SSL are flagged unsecured. That’s why your website needs to install an SSL Certificate to have approval from the leading search engines and receive SEO advantages.

SEO Advantages of SSL Certificate

Before, most website owners do not believe that SSL Certificate brings an SEO advantage to their site. Now that Google has made it clear that SSL provides a slight ranking boost, website owners install the website security certificate to their website.

As Google wants to make websites fully reliable in providing security and protecting the privacy of digital consumers, Google rewards websites through these advantages:

Increased Business Credibility and Customer Trust

As many digital consumers are deceived with online transactions, they have become more aware of the signs that ensure information safety. Website browsers show icons when users enter a website.


These icons help web visitors build trust in your website. It makes them feel safe and secure making transactions and providing sensitive information with your website.

Acquires HTTPS

After installing SSL to your website, its transfer protocol becomes HTTPS. Some web owners only configure HTTPS to web pages that need data security. However, that’s not a best practice. Configure your entire website to HTTPS. It helps improve your website’s search ranking.

Not long ago, Google announced that HTTPS was added as a search ranking signal. Digital experts estimate that web pages with HTTPS gain up to a 5% boost. However, you also have to be cautious. If your web pages are linked or connected to a third-party platform, these third-party platforms should also be in HTTPS.

Improves User Experience

As your potential customers land on your web page, visible indicators inform them about the safety and security of your website. Most of these potential customers have the intention to fill up forms or make a purchase on your website.

If your website has a safety indicator, users have the confidence to share their information and revisit your website. It increases engagement rate and web traffic to your website.

Verifies Business Identity

Certificate Authority (CA) is an independent third-party agency that verifies businesses; it is associated with installing an SSL Certificate on your website. A verified website and business identity make it hard for cyberattackers to replicate your website.

A verified business leads to positive customer reviews which invite more people to try your products and services. It’s called peer-to-peer marketing. After your clients have received their products and services, they will vouch for you online.

Reduces Bounce Rate

Website visitors always look for a secured platform. An informed ones search for the SSL Certificate displayed on the browser when they visit your website. Websites without SSL has a “Not Secure” or red “X” mark on their landing page.

Honestly, if you happen to visit an unsecured website, you would also immediately leave and look for another competitor, right?

According to statistics, 84% of web visitors immediately leaves a website that shows an unsecured platform or does not have an SSL Certificate. With this situation, your bounce rate increases affecting your SEO rank.

Websites with good click-through rates but high bounce rates signal Google that your website is not providing relevant content. Thus, Google penalises your website by lowering your SEO rank.

A high click-through rate is already a good indicator that your web visitors found the content they need and helps convert these leads to customers. That’s why you have to keep their confidence by providing safety and security of their data.

Other Optimisation Strategies Require SSL

In addition to the advantages mentioned, SSL also opens several opportunities for optimising your search ranking potential. At this point, Google prioritises websites that offer secure, helpful, relevant results for search queries made on mobile phones.

That means Google does not only go for websites that are high ranking on desktop search but also those reliable and relevant in mobile performance. Optimising mobile performance requires encryption. You cannot make your web pages Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) ready if they are not encrypted.

Final Takeaway

SSL Certificate and its SEO advantages is the dynamic duo you need.

Website security plays a crucial role in the success of your website and business. You can only have an encrypted website if you install an SSL Certificate. It provides features that protect and secure the shared data between your web server and customers.

However, your potential customers have several competitors to choose from on the search engine results page. Thus, you have to leverage the SEO advantages from the SSL Certificate.

Having an SSL Certificate is not only protecting your website and customers but also increases your organic traffic.

Build trust and loyalty among your customers.


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